Applied Parts

Sintered Metal Parts

It is made of a mixture of fine metal powders that are compacted and sintered by press machines and used for auto parts, machine parts,
and electromagnetic parts as it can mass-produce products in intricate shape, high precision, and high quality.

Ferrite Parts

It is a ceramic magnetic substance mainly consisted of iron oxide and used for LCD TVs, laptops, computers, cell phones, and electronic parts.

Ceramic Parts

It is made of high purity natural minerals and inorganic compounds and used in various fields such as electronics, communication devices, cutting tools, and industrial machinery for its excellent thermal resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and electric insulation.

Cemented Carbide Parts

It is a metal product made of WC (tungsten carbide) and CO (cobalt) sintering them in high temperature and widely used for cutting tools
as its hardness is the second to diamonds.

Carbon Brush Parts

It is a sliding contact that is used to transfer a current from a stator of a motor or a generator to a rotator and applied to home appliances, power tools, forklifts, trains, and cranes.

Teflon Parts

It is very stable with strong compounding of fluorine and carbon and used in various fields such as petrochemicals, petroleum refining,
medical devices, semiconductors, and automobiles for its excellent chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and non-adhesion.

Other Sintered Parts