About Company

A specialized manufacturer in mechanical and hydraulic powder compacting presses.

Since its founding in 1988, Daewha Press has focused on powder compacting presses and automation systems as its specialty.
With 33 years of know-how and the technique, we have become highly specialized and are continuing to grow into the No.1 manufacturer in the world. As a result, major companies in sintered metal parts, cemented carbide, ferrite, teflon and more businesses are using our presses.

  • Company Daewha Press Corporation
  • CEO Jun Sung Gun
  • Category A manufacturer for powder compacting press and automation system
  • Address 70 Chowon-ro, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Employees 20 people
  • Contact Tel: +82-31-989-1393~5 / Fax: +82-31-989-1396
  • Founded February 1988



Based on our belief that people come first above all, we value people and cooperation in our trust-based management.


We provide our customers the best quality and value through innovative technology development based on creativity.


We provide profits to our various stakeholders based on our continuous growth and revenue.

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